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Sundries: Abrasive Accessories

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3M Hookit Facing Material
Part of the fairing board sanding system, it allows conversion of self-made fairing boards with the hookit attachment to utilize the abrasive hookit rolls

3M Hookit Hand File Board
A well balanced, durable tool that is resistant to most solvents, it provides a non-twisting flat sanding surface

3M Hookit Hand Blocks
A hard block made of sturdy durable high strength material to fit comfortably in the hand

3M Hookit Fairing Board
Designed for fairing, shaping, sanding and finishing boats, plugs and moulds, for use with the hookit rolls

3M Hookit Hand Block
A soft block made of a tough flexible foam for block sanding flat and contoured areas

5" Rubber Block
A pliable rubber block which holds the sandpaper securely during wet or dry sanding operations

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