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Sundries: Abrasives

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3M 618 Freecu
A flexible silicon carbide sheet, ideal for finishing paints and lacquers, wood and plasticts

3M 241UZ Ali-Oxide
A very open cut paper designed to minimise loading when used to sand soft, resinous woods

3M 734 Wet or dry
A fast cutting waterproof silicon carbide sheet, use mainly on paints, fillers, gel coats, and

3M perfect-it 111
Wet or dry sheets have a more flexible backing, this will provide faster cut, longer life, and will reduce sanding and buffing time


Ali-oxide Paper Roll
Flexible and durable,good stock removal and high quality finish. Ali-oxide Paper Roll improves resistance to clogging when sanding soft/resinous timber

3M 245/255 Hookit Rolls
In roll form for use on Fairing boards (available in 75mm and 115mm widths)

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