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Sundries: Adhesives


Mitre Fast Adhesive/Activator
The adhesive can be used
separately from the activator,
however the curing speed will be
slower, and bond strength build-up will take longer. The extra gel
formula is ideal for difficult,
slightly porous substrates such as MDF, where normal cyanoacrylates are unsuitable. The activator can be used with cyanoacrylate adhesives to improve cure speed and rapid strength build-up.

Superglue Industrial strength
A high viscosity formula glue for
porous and non porous substrates where a slightly delayed set is required. Use on MDF, rubber, metal, PVC and plastics

Lumberjack Polyurethane Wood Adhesive
Offers high bond strength due to a unique curing action, totally waterproof, and offers unbreakable adhesion to all types of timber, metal, concrete and plastics, it is available in hard setting 5 minute, transparent gel or in hard setting 30 minute, brown liquid

Instant Nails
This multi-use Adhesive is a high strength, solvent free gap filling adhesive that provides a quick grab, (white)

Spray Contact Adhesive
An all purpose adhesive for
bonding laminates, wood, cork,carpets, rubber, plastics and metals

Stick 2 Rapid Epoxy Adhesive
An industrial strength two part
clear adhesive, it sets hard in 4 minutes, is ideal for bonding
metals, glass, wood, dry concrete, rubber, fabrics and various hard plastics, it can be drilled, sanded,machined and painted once fully cured

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