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A top quality general purpose cleaning and degreasing agent. It offers complete safety to the environment and persons handling it, being non-toxic, non-caustic, free from solvents and completely biodegradable. It is a non-flammable, water based cleaner, safe to use on all materials and can be used in non ventilated areas. The use of advanced wetting agent gives it exceptional solvency power on dirt and oily matters and it splits after cleaning, releasing the oil phase for reclamation

3M 08984 Adhesive Cleaner
A specially blended solvent that provides easy cleanup of most types
of adhesives, it quickly removes waxes, grease, oil and tar. When used properly, it will not harm thoroughly dried paint, vinyl or fabrics

3M 07501 Scotch-Brite
This Molding Adhesive and Stripe Removal Disc is a high performance
product which doesn’t damage gelcoat, paint or glass when cleaning double sided foams, decorative tapes or other adhesives


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