Paddle Rollers

Made from extruded aluminium with plastic end caps, these give quick wet out and good air removal of the laminate

Pure Bristle Rollers (above left)Spirally wound to produce strong laminations, the bristles
penetrate the laminate to remove air bubbles whilst producing a
very effective consolidating action

Bubble Buster Rollers
These Rollers have crosscut
fins for extra air release
and reduced overspray


Spring Rollers
Ideal for consolidating on
curved areas, internal or
external, comprising of a
steel spring enabling it to
flex in any direction

Bolt RollersI
deal for consolidating in tight corners
and narrow grooves

P.T.F.E Rollers
Made of Teflon, they have deep grooves and thin fins providing excellent air release

Corner Rollers
For consolidating laminates in sharp or
inaccessible corners

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