Finish Liquids / Glazes

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3M 09376
Machine Polish is for use by machine to remove any swirl marks on automotive refinish paints after compounding, can also be used by hand or machine on fresh or aged paints to restore a high gloss

3M 09027
Marine Liquid Protective Wax is designed to provide a high gloss and protect fibreglass/gelcoat, marine topside paints, painted aluminium and marine metal parts

3M 09023
This Marine Outdoor Vinyl Cleaner is designed to
clean, condition and protect marine vinyl and
rubber components. A unique gel formula which
provides durable protection in exterior and
interior applications
3M 09005/09006
This Marine Fibreglass Restorer and Wax is
designed to remove heavy oxidation, chalking,
fading, minor scratches, rust and exhaust stains,
it provides protection on fibreglass/gelcoat
3M 09044
This Marine Clear Plastic Restorer safely cleans
and removes fine scratches and haziness from
most marine plastics. It can be used on most
tinted plastics, for use with machine
3M 05990
Imperial Hand Glaze is for use by hand with a
soft wipe to fill swirl marks and give a high gloss
after compounding on all automotive paints, it
may also be applied by hand to any vehicle
paintwork to give a high lustre.
3M 09048

Finesse-it 11 Finishing Material is designed for
use on topside paint systems and gelcoat to
remove swirl marks after compounding, while
leaving a glazed finish. This finishing liquid is the
final step recommended after use of 06025,
06039 and 09374
3M 09030

Marine Ultra Performance Wax contains the
unique 3M polymer technology which provides
the durability of an acrylic, with the soil release
and water beadng properties of a fluoropolymer
and silicone. This product will leave a protective
high gloss finish on marine fibreglass gelcoat,
marine topside paints, painted aluminium and
metal parts



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