Compounds / Finishing

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G6 Rapid Paste
For use on well cured
medium solids or air
dried 2K, use with
water to achieve a
perfect finish, for
hand or machine

Profile 200
This Course Cut Compound is for the removal of wet and
dry abrasive marks in preparation for step 2 polishing and is designed to give maximum cutting action

Profile 300
A rapid cut Compound for a one step polishing system to remove P1000 – P1200 abrasive marks

G3 Regular Paste
For use on modern paint
systems, medium and high solids, use with water to achieve a perfect finish in one operation, for hand or
machine application
G7 Rubbing Compound
Removes abrasive paper marks from cellulose paint, for hand application

3M 09374
This Perfect-it 111 Fast Cut Compound is
designed for marine paint systems, it has superior cut combined with a high gloss ultra fine finish. It completely removes sand scratches without filling

3M 50077
This Trizact Compound is for use on any fresh or aged automotive paint to restore finish after sanding
3M 06039
This Finesse-it Marine Paste Compound is designed specifically for aggressive compounding of gelcoated fibreglass surfaces, it is well suited for boat reconditioning of heavily oxidized surfaces/finishes, white colour reduces
the potential for staining of light coloured boats. It has a long working time, requiring less compound to be used per application
3M 06025
This High Gloss Gelcoat Compound is designed to quickly remove wet sanding scratches from production gelcoat, it contains no wax or silicone and leaves a high gloss finish without swirl/wheel marks, it has a unique formulation which reduces slinging while buffing

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