Compounds / Finishing

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3M 09048
Finesse-it 11 Finishing Material is
designed for use on topside paint
systems and gelcoat to remove swirl marks after compounding, while leaving a glazed finish. This finishing liquid is the final step recommended after
use of 06025, 06039 and 09374
3M 05990
Imperial Hand Glaze is for use by hand with a soft wipe to fill swirl marks and give a high gloss after compounding on all automotive paints, it may also be applied by hand to any vehicle paintwork to give a high lustre
Profile Glaze
For the ultimate finish, it enhances the gloss level of the finished product, whilst offering a semi-durable protection against dirt and water
Profile 400
This Medium Cut Compound is for the
removal of abrasive marks, it is
designed to give optimum cut whilst
minimising swirl marks
Profile 600
This Fine Cut Compound is for final
finishing, suitable for mould cleaning
and finishing surfaces where a
particularly haze free high gloss
finish is required, it is suitable for
achieving the ultimate finish on
dark surfaces
Total Dry Use
A one step Liquid Compound
provides a high gloss finish
and fast cutting action in one
easy step, no water required,
it is silicone free, for hand or
machine application

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