Glass Fibre Reinforced Materials


F460 Chopped Strand Matt
Made from silane treated, continuous E-glass
filaments. Excellent mechanical strength, good strand integrity, easy mixing into resins

H520-CKW18 General Purpose Resin
Orthopthalic resin for thick laminates
MEK P 50 Catalyst Medium activity catalyst used as hardener to resin

FC20H Wax Solution
An addition to the final application of laminate, in order to avoid oxygen inhibition of polyester resins and to obtain a tack-free surface

Polyester Brushing Gelcoat
Designed as a clear/white or pigmentable general purpose moulding gelcoat for hand lay-up use in GRP construction

Polyester Colour Paste
Designed as a colouring medium for polyester compression moulding, polyester extrusion and injection moulding, polyester flat sheeting production, polyester casting and general composite construction involving styrenated polyester resins


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