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Sundries: Miscellaneous


Multi Spray
An all purpose maintenance spray, it displaces moisture,frees rusted parts, protects and cleans metals, prevents rusting, stops squeaks, penetrates and lubricates

Fix & Fill Foam
Fills irregular gaps, fixes framework, insulates, sound deadens, is quick setting, can be cut, sawn, and plastered in one hour

Foam Eater
Removes cured polyurethane foams from most surfaces

GSA2000 Glue Gun 240 /110 volt
Can reach temperatures of approximately 190 degrees centigrade at the nozzle tip

GSA4000 Glue Gun
Can reach variable temperatures of 190 degrees centigrade
(setting 1), 205 degrees centigrade (setting 2) and 220 degrees centigrade (setting 3) to the nozzle tip depending upon the hand setting

Hot melt
A solid thermal plastic which requires no hardener or timewasting mixing process. This grade of hot melt has been specially chosen for general purpose adhesion. It will join all porous and non-porous materials, woods, plastics, ceramics, leather, cloth, metal, hardboard, cardboard and paper etc. It is designed to obliviate the use of screws, tapes and staples, it can also be used as a gap filler or sealer

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