Polish Mops

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Farecla G-mop Standard
Compounding Head for
general purpose use

Farecla G-Mop Advanced
This Polishing Foam Pad is
available in 203mm and
150mm. For use with
Farecla profile glaze

3M 05704
This Superbuff 2+2
Buffing Pad is a double
sided pad made of
blended untwisted wool
making it less aggressive
than 100% wool

3M 05705
This Superbuff Polishing
Pad is a double sided pad
for soft edge polishing,
specially designed for use
with a polisher and glaze,
made of extremely fine
fibers, it produces a high
gloss on paint and gelcoat

3M 05735
A convoluted foam face to
produce a wheel mark free
marine topside paint
finish, also used during
acrylic and polycarbonate
plastic reconditioning.

3M 14736
This Finesse-it Roloc
Finishing Pad is for use with a buffing pad, providing a soft surface for excellent results

Schlegel No1
This Pad is for compounding and general purpose use

Schlegel No 2
This Polishing Pad is for polishing and final finish use

TR Backing Velcro
Plate For use with No1 and No2

Farecla G-Mop
Advanced Wool This Compounding Pad is
203mm and for use with
Farecla Profile 200


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