Polyester Coatings



Duratec Surface Primer
An exceptional primer that rapidly
creates a "class A" finish on plaster and plug moulds, sands to a smooth finish

Duratec Polyester Base Primer
A low porosity, high-building, fairing and shaping primer, easy to apply, builds quickly (between 1 to 3 mm, 40-120 mils), maximum wet-on-wet application with minimum sag on vertical surfaces, quickly shaped by knife, file or sandpaper

Duratec Polyester Sealer
A low viscosity, rapid curing, penetrating sealer, it allows primers and topcoats to bond to a variety of substrates, is easy to apply, cures rapidly and penetrates deeply

Duratec Polyester Hi-Gloss Coating
Applied after sanding the primer when the highest gloss possible is desired, it builds quickly and sprays easily and generates hard, porosityfree
and glossy finishes

Duractec Polyester HHR Putty
Ideal for fast repair of GRP moulds, dries to a medium hi-gloss, must be catalysed with BP catalyst (supplied), moulds normally can be used within 3-4 hours of repair

MEK Thinners
Used in conjunction with surface


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