Release Agents / Mould Preparation

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Honey Wax
A unique, high gloss paste wax for use in the
reinforced fibreglass product markets as a release agent. Compounded with the purest grade carnauba wax, plus special binders and spreading agents. It creates a durable wax surface that remains intact for multiple pulls eliminating build up of excess wax

Zyvax Sealbrite
An odorless, high gloss, 100% water based mould conditioner, which offers a NON-VOC alternative to traditional solvent, based mould sealers, it can completely eliminate the need for using solvents and alcohols in the mould cleaning, sealing and release process

Meguiars 08
A maximum release wax with a costly blend of imported waxes, it is excellent to use when assured release power is required
Meguiars 88
A universal release wax is ideal for use on
plugs, new moulds, production moulds and as an even storage wax, exceptionally easy to apply and wipe off
Meguiars 87

A high temperature release wax with a unique blend of exceptionally hard waxes and thermoresins, it provides a consistent performance when above normal moulding temperatures are used
Meguiars 16

Referred to as a blue paste wax, works with high temperatures, which has been proved with great success
Zyvax Waterclean

Developed to provide an environmentally
safe and effective water-based alternative
to solvent washing for the removal of surface contaminants and semipermanent release agents, it is a dual purpose cleaner, formulated to clean both mould surfaces and laminated parts

Versatile and odourless, it is recommended for applications requiring multiple releases, superior surface finish with high gloss and easy touch-up for seamless production cycles, it gives outstanding release performance, chemically bonds to the mould surface and when applied correctly, will not transfer to the moulded part, or other processing equipment. Micro polymer resin prevents build-up on mould and high lubricity allows quick effortless demolding



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