Release Agents / Mould Preparation

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TR108 Basic
Highly recommended for plugs and breaking in of new moulds, needs quicker removal than production waxes, an ideal base for production transition to 102 or 104. It is silicone free, ideal for areas requiring masking

TR214 Regular Liquid Release
A thin, effective release for non-skid, sand blasted, knurled or grained surfaces, eliminates paste build up or fill in that mars the finished parts

TR102 Regular
A fast application, excellent breakdown, high production wax, that can be allowed to sit during breaks due to its easy removal characteristics

TR104 Hi-Temp
A paste wax is often referred to as blue wax, it is ideal for thicker laminates, is easily applied and gives reduced build up due to the carnauba base

TR111 Slurry Wax
Can be applied with cloth or brush. Buffing is normally not required on mould flanges, marble hats and similar applications. When used as a basecoat for PVA or other waxes, recommend buffing immediately after application. Excellent on porous and rough surfaces

TR210 Self Stripping Liquid Release
A high production liquid formulated to eliminate wax build up problems in the culture Marble and FRP, it produces a high gloss finish and sure positive releases

TR216 Hi-Temp Liquid Release
A blend of various high temperature waxes that provide a uniform mix with minimum settling or separation, dries rapidly to a haze and contributes to a glossy finish and reduced dullness or build up



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