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Nylon blue stripe is made with 100% polyamide fibre woven into its backing, these fibres are also thermo treated to give a crimped effect which helps pick up, hold and distribute the maximum amount of material, for use with resins, preliminary paints, primers, sealants, varnishes, oil paints, epoxy and 2-component paints.
Velour is a woven fabric made from wool in a short pile and is especially designed for application of gel coat, with very low fibre loss.
Foam is made from the highest density material, for the application of 2 pack epoxy resins, gloss paints, varnishes, primers and resin paints, will give a superior finish.
Flocked is a velvet like material, perfect for paint absorption and release, it gives a bubble free surface, it is especially suitable for water diluted acrylic paints, acrylic varnishes, laquers, primers and
gloss paints.
Dakota is a velvet like polyester material, very short pile fibre, it gives a bubble and fluff free finish when used for gel coat, with no splashing or matting, suitable for
varnishes and oil paints.
Acrylic is an economy version of the nylon for use with resins, emulsions and paints.
Anza Felt is a synthetic material for varnishes, enamel and gloss paints.
Simulated Mohair is a short pile synthetic material for use with gel coat, solvent based coatings, gloss, varnishes, and eggshells on smooth surfaces.
Simulated Lambswool is a synthetic material for use with polyester resin, masonry and emulsion paints on rough surfaces

Roller Frames are made from galvanised steel, they are environmentally friendly,with anergonomic robust plastic handle.

Roller Trays are made from a highquality plastic.
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