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Sundries : Tools

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Scissors – Composite Materials

Sharp points, high carbon tool steel, Xylan low friction coating for protection. Suitable for aramid (Kevlar), carbon fibre, glassfibre, resin coated composite fibre (both wet and dry), leather and rubber

Scissors – Sidebent (Xtra sharp)

Xtra sharp shear, chrome plated blades + unique corrosion protection, high carbon tool steel, serrated edge. Suitable for textiles, synthetic textiles, canvas, rubber, carpet & underlay, felt, rope, plastic film, plastic & fine wire mesh, paper and card



Trimming Knife with fixed blade

Trimming knife with retractable blade

Heavy duty stainless steel blades

Snap-off knife

Shoe knife with 41/2” blade

Rotary Cutter knife

Snap-off blades

Rotary knife blade

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