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Sundries: Tapes

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3M 7101 Clipper Masking Tape
This is a crepe paper tape, it is an all-purpose tape,suitable for air drying and stoving applications, it withstands up to 100 degrees centigrade for one hour with easy removal

3M Cellulose Premium Clear Tape
A strong coated, easy unwind, high-tack tape for domestic and industrial applications, also for sealing packages

3M 2211 General Purpose Masking Tape
Ideal for non-critical applications, it has a holding power up to 70 degrees centigrade, it is easily removed from various surfaces

3M 2090 Long-Mask masking Tape
This tape utilizes a synthetic adhesive system which provides ultra-violet stability and adhesive transfer resistence up to seven days after application

Easy-mask Masking Tape
This tape has low tack adhesive on one edge, with no seepage or bleed through

Kleenedge Low Tack Tape
For delicate surfaces, faux finishing

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